Design lead for Vivint app

2015 - 2017

Vivint App Redesign

Led effort to redesign the Vivint app across 4 platforms (iOS, Android, Vivint wall panel, and web). Goals included aligning our UI with the evolving Vivint Corporate identity. I and a small team of very talented designers simplified the UI and created a consistent style guide and standards components library.

Illustrations style I developed for the Vivint app to complement the friendly and bold direction co-developed with the Vivint brand team.


Security 2.0

A project to decrease friction associated with false alarms and to add options that did not lock users into a monitoring contract.

Storyboards describing faults in the existing user experience and how to improve it.

Smart alerts wireframes and experience flow. Click for details.


Sky Storyboard

Storyboarding for an assistant concept intended to aid in automating home states.

At the time, we were exploring the automation paradigm of "levels of autonomy", which I proposed we abandon in favor of more effective frameworks for understanding autonomy.



Prototypes made with Pixate to explore simplifying the information architecture and adding new features.

Prototype exploration to unify all smart home controls into one interaction type with a quick interaction option that reduced need for details screen.

Prototyping manual state transitions on devices screen with experimental quick action on device cards.


Home Score Exploration

Concepts that came out of an intense study of how social scoring works.