Deep Work Lead Measurement Worksheet


Worksheet for tracking your deep work hours from July to December 2018.

July 2018 family habit chart 11x17


Family chart with 3 kids

Family chart with 2 kids

Family chart with 1 kid

Works Best with Stickers. I recommend these:
1/4" Dot Stickers on Amazon

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I am happy to create a custom habit chart upon request. Just send me a message.


Personal values worksheet and value-goal alignment worksheet 


Worksheets to help capture your values and align them to your annual goals. 


Desktop wallpaper: memory enhancement device

Memory Wallpaper Example.png

Keeping a constant reminder of all my daily and annual goals right on my desktop.

I currently have to edit manually through illustrator.


Desk poster for enforcing better work Norms


Interruptions are detrimental to productivity. I made this low-ink print-out to promote social norms that reduce those pesky interruptions.