Domo Custom Apps

2013 – 2014

A set of custom apps made for specific customers of Domo's business cloud services. Each app visualizes data to aid in awareness and analysis, and to help the client get excited about what was possible with Domo.


Nascar Pitstop Comparison

Custom app designed for Nascar. Used by announcers and broadcasters to compare pitstop times in real time.



Custom leaderboard built by Domo for Nascar. 


Strava Running App for Domo

Custom dashboard app to track and compare progress with other employees in a company through Strava.


NFL Super Bowl Boulevard

For Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), the NFL held their annual Super Bowl Boulevard event along Broadway in New York. Several sponsors such as GMC, Papa Johns, Xbox One, Sinckers/M&Ms and many more held events as part of the larger Super Bowl Boulevard.



The NFL app visualized the attendance and foot traffic across the entire Super Bowl Boulevard. We used RFID technology to track total attendance, attendance and average dwell time at each sponsor event, and the direction of traffic between each sponsor event. 



While at Domo, I also designed custom apps for the NBA, Chanel, Honda, Toyota, WWE, Softbank, Maker Studios, Ebay, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook,  Fifa, Relay Rides (now Turo), and New York Life.