2017 - 2020

Game theory app

Social Ai

I designed and developed an app with a classmate that applies computer science to game theory. We programmed strategies for 2 AI players that play matrix games with each other. Each player tries to learn how to maximize their payoffs given what the other player is doing.

Players algorithms we developed:

  • Random

  • Tit for Tat

  • Bully

  • Godfather

  • Fictitious Play

  • WoLF Policy Hill Climbing

Ghost Runner AR

An experimental augmented reality project I developed with a team of 5 students at Brigham Young University. We designed and developed Ghost Runner to explore human-computer interaction questions related to spatial computing in a fitness context. Runners wearing a spatial computing device are presented with a virtual pacer that helps users perform running workouts while giving them relevant information such as their time, distance, direction and pace.

Video coming soon

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Computational Theory

Visualizations for solving theoretical problems in computational theory.