The most basic constituents of reality

Reality is made of basic parts. These parts have always existed. These parts can be organized and reorganized, but they can never be created or destroyed. I have listed the 6 parts of reality of which I am aware. The most basic constituents of reality are:



Element (matter)
Matter has always existed. It cannot be created or destroyed. Energy and light are matter but in a different form. (1st law of thermodynamics, theory of relativity, D&C 93:33, 131: 7-8)

Intelligences are eternal. Intelligences are made of matter. Intelligences are beings that can understand and identify matter and they have they ability to act. (TPJS: 351-352, D&C 93:29) Matter can exist without intelligence, but intelligence cannot exist without matter. Existence would practically be the same as non-existence if there were no intelligences to perceive or image existence. (D&C 93:30, 2 Nephi 2:11-13,

The Gospel: God, Man, & Truth pg 105)

Time is how we measure a sequence of events. The concept of eternity is dependent on the concept of time. Since time never ends or never began, we can say that it is eternal. (D&C 130:4-5) According to the theory of relativity, time or (the speed of the sequence of events) can be faster or slower relative to ones position and velocity in space. (Abraham 3:4-10)

Space is simply where the constituents of reality reside. In between element, where no element exists, there is space. (D&C 88:36-38) 

Laws describes what is possible in reality. All constituents of reality have identity. The nature of their identity allows them to act or be acted upon. A law is simply a description of how constituents can act or be acted upon.(D&C 130: 20-21, 82:10, 88: 36-38) Apart from "natural" laws, intelligences can create more laws to organize things in new ways. But laws made by intelligences must still conform to natural laws. "Nature to be commanded must first be obeyed." (Francis Bacon)

Kingdoms describe the order of reality. (D&C 88:37)