The law of attraction is self-refuting

This is the first argument against the law of attraction. 1. The law of attraction is self-refuting

The law of attraction assumes that consciousness can change reality. Therefore, it must logically assume that there is no objective reality. This is idealism. In my terminology, the law of attraction assumes that, "Consciousness has primacy over reality".

The first axiom of rationality is that an objective reality exists. This is an axiom because any person that tries to argue against it must first assume it. Whenever a person uses the word "is" as in "This thing is that thing", they are assuming the first axiom. To say the words "the law of attraction is a true law" is to make a contradiction. That proposition assumes that there is an objective reality and it also assumes that there is no objective reality.

If it was true that the law of attraction could grant the believer anything, then someone could use that law to destroy the law of attraction if they really believed hard enough. The law of attraction applied to itself reveals the contradictory nature of the belief.

No person can live a balanced life when there are contradictions in his/her mind.