The Law of Attraction is Dangerous

This is the third argument in a series of arguments against the law of attraction. The law of attraction assumes that consciousness has primacy over reality. If consciousness really had primacy over reality, then there would be no reason to be respond to feedback from reality. If there is no incentive to react to reality, then a person will be dangerous to himself and to others.

For example, I blame the law of attraction for shortening the life of Steve Jobs. In his biography, we learn that Jobs could have prolonged his life if he followed his doctors counsel—if he had adhered to reality. Instead Steve Jobs believed that he could cure himself through positive thoughts and quack medicine. (It is actually illogical for those who believe in the law of attraction to also believe in any sort of medicine, but it is not surprising that the remedies they do believe in are usually not science-based).

If you really take the law of attraction seriously, then let me know when you are on the road so that I can avoid you. You will be a danger to me and yourself because you will not wish to be bothered by my presence.

In reality, no one actually takes the law of attraction seriously, because no one can live it consistently and survive. Thankfully, those who tried to live it consistently have already removed themselves from the gene pool.