The Law of Attraction

In 2006, a DVD was released that offered a sensational depiction of a popular self help idea. "The Secret", which was followed by a book of the same name, taught that one attracts whatever they think about. They called this notion the law of attraction.

Various speakers spoke in the DVD about this law that can give you anything. Some even suggested that our mind sends out vibrations that attract corresponding things to us including wealth, fame, and happiness. The law of attraction is a genie that will grant your every wish.

When I have spoken to people who believe in the law of attraction, they say that the law of attraction is so powerful that they can achieve anything if only they believe enough.

I know many people that either buy into it or feel that something is wrong with the theory without being able to articulate why. I will offer a four simple arguments to refute the law of attraction. The four arguments are listed below. I will write a post for each of them in the next few days.

1. The law of attraction is self-refuting 2. The law of attraction insulates the believer from feedback 3. The law of attraction is dangerous 4. The law of attraction is evil from an LDS perspective