The law of attraction and self-fulfilling prophecy

Those who believe in the law of attraction often point to their own experience as evidence for their beliefs. They say things such as, "I thought about "X" and all these experiences happened that lead me to obtain "X"."

I have had this experience in my life as well. When I bought my Chevy Malibu and was thinking about my Malibu, all I noticed on the freeway was Malibus. I had never noticed them before and they weren't new. It also seems that I have obtained things that I wanted when I started to think about them and focus on them. Sometimes these experiences are referred to as "self-fulfilling prophecies".

Those who think that these experiences support a belief in the law of attraction are mistaken for the following reasons:

Premise 1: We remember the successful experiences and we tend to forget the unsuccessful experiences. I think that gamblers have this same psychological problem.

Premise 2: Humans naturally try to attach explanations to random events. For example, ancient peoples explained the movement of leaves on trees as the result of some type of spirit or diety. Likewise believers in the law of attraction attribute their successful experiences to the law of attraction.

Conclusion: Therefore, believers in the law of attraction are confusing correlation and causation. This is the post hoc ergo prompter hoc fallacy. They think that they and the law of attraction are the causes in their life. They don't take into account circumstances beyond their control, random events, and the fact that their own life refutes the law of attraction, but they just don't remember why.

Thinking about "X" never guarantees that we actually obtain "X". Self-fulfilling prophecies are only identified ex post (after the fact). Humans are terrible at predicting self-fulfilling prophecies ex ante(before the fact).

Don't believe in the law of attraction.