Deep Work Tracking Worksheet

Since 2016, I have been practicing "Deep Work". Deep work is the "ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task." Practicing deep work has significantly improved my own productivity. The concept comes from a book by the same name by author Cal Newport. In the book, Newport gives tips and strategies for improving the quality and quantity of deep work.

One of those tips is to simply keep track of how much time you spend doing deep work. Newport maintained a scoreboard of his deep work while he was in school. He drew horizontal lines on a piece of cardstock—each row representing one week of his school semester. He drew a tick mark for each hour of deep work he accomplished during that week. He would also circle the tick mark representing the hour where he accomplished an important milestone in one of his academic projects.

Inspired by this technique, I made my own template for tracking my deep work and have been updating the template over time. The first version of my tracker just tracked each deep work hour (left image). This technique worked great, but I found that I found that it didn't allow me to track milestones easily because I usually work on more than 1 projects in day. I fixed this by adding an option in a later version to choose different categories that I can track over time (right image). 



After sharing these techniques, many people were interested in using my worksheet so I made it available along with other tracking tools that I made on my new store. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your experience with Deep work and get your feedback on how to improve the tracking tools.