The Future of Thinking Differently

Technology changes human interaction and thinking. We enjoy information and one way that technology is affecting our thinking is by helping us order information. It turns out that ordering information is a cognitive strength common in autistics. Autistics naturally excel at and enjoy arranging, classifying, organizing, collecting, memorizing, and categorizing information. They impose order on a disordered world. What autistics do naturally, we can do with with the aid of technology.

The internet is a technology that helps us impose order and structure on the world. It has been blamed for giving us overloading us with information, but as with our natural eyes to the overwhelming world, the internet allows us to easily digest information through  filters. Google does a great job of filtering information. Facebook orders our friends and their information. Twitter helps my friends filter information for me. There are 1000s of websites that help us order and also share information.

The future of thinking differently lies in utilizing technologies such as the internet to mimic the information-absorbing, information-processing, and mental ordering abilities of autistics. We don't say to ourselves, "I want to order information today". We simply get online and enjoy absorbing new culture. Our thinking will increasing change as we utilize this technology because:

  1. The technology is cheap—mostly free after the internet fee.
  2. We enjoy gathering information and self-educating ourselves especially in an uncertain economy.
  3. Ordering information is a powerful way to understand the world.
  4. 4. It gives us quick literacy to a new global culture.

Because of these changes, entrepreneurs should increasingly focus on creating valuable though intangible experiences interior to our minds rather than creating commodities external to it.